Project name:

Countess St, Mosman


Corben Architects


2019 HIA CSR NSW Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards  – $1.2 million – $3 million


Project details:

This immaculate renovation required the original three-bedroom Californian bungalow enlarged to a modern family home accommodating four bedrooms, office, open plan living, kitchen, dining, family room and new in-ground swimming pool. The new design reflected a contemporary home that honoured the existing period references. There were also specific requirements for acoustic performance and reduction of external noise transfer throughout the building.

Once the project commenced it was discovered the pre-existing load bearing walls were not to modern building code standards, requiring additional demolition and re-engineering. Given the renovation timeline was eleven months, this could have proved a major problem. Through careful planning and consultation with the architect, engineer and client, the Lawson & Lovell team developed a critical path to complete the build on the original timeline.

The environmentally sustainable design (ESD) added numerous measures including 6.6kw photovoltaic solar panels and 6KWh Enphase storage system with remote monitoring. The windows and doors were thermally enhanced by double-glazing and low-e coated glazing throughout. Internal timber shutters also allow direct sunlight to be filtered accordingly. Extra insulation was installed on all walls, floors and ceilings to promote better thermal energy. While a 3000litre water tank was installed to collect roof water for pool top up and irrigation for the garden.

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